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The Schlitzerland

A little fairytale like

Schlitzer Land is one of a kind. You can bet on that! There is hardly a region that offers so much at one place; forest covered rolling hills melt Stadt Schlitz together with its 16 surrounding villages, stretching almost to the Rhön in the east and to the foot of the Vogelsberges in the west. All in all there are around 10.000 people living in Schlitzer Land encompassing 142 square Kilometers of land making it the 3rd largest township in the state of Hessen. If you like relaxing in a purely natural setting then you’re in the right place here with us. Just because its quiet and peaceful here doesn’t mean we are unreachable.

Weare one of the best transportation accessible regions in Germany. The fact that Schlitzer Land is found in the middle of Germany allows instant access to highways and in Fulda the ICE High Speed Trains that travel in all compass directions.

The Stadt Schlitz is well known in the business world for its Linen factories and the manufacturing of custom linen products. Everywhere that high quality table cloths and accessories are used people find products from Schlitz. Even outside of its borders Schlitz is known for its culinary wonders: Just recently multiple products from the Schlitzer Grain Distillery won Gold Medals from the German Agricultural Association (DLG).



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