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The Folkloregroups of the " Trachtenfest "  2017

Here you will gradually find information about all the participating folkloregroups.


The International Festival Ensemble from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

330870 10151142992940739 130342109 oIn a joint resolution, the Utah State Legislature recognized the CLOG AMERICA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL ENSEMBLE as a “Utah cultural treasure” and “Ambassadors of Peace and Friendship to the World.”

CLOG AMERICA is comprised of award-winning dancers and musicians who have had the great honor of representing the United States over 70 major festivals and events throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, China, the Caribbean and the USA since 1991. The ensemble has appeared on national television in Germany, the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Brazil, Macedonia, Hungary, Turkey and the USA. They represent championship-level cloggers from the Rocky Mountain area of the Western United States who have won numerous national titles throughout the USA. The individual dancers have also performed their high-powered dance style as special guest artists with recording stars Marie Osmond and the Branson Brothers as well as appearing in the Great American Liberty Parade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the White House Ellipse, the Lincoln Memorial and Sylvan Theater in Washington, D.C.; the Miss America Parade in Atlantic City, New Jersey; Disney’s Epcot Center and Magic Kingdom as well as throughout up-state New York and Hawaii.

The repertoire performed by CLOG AMERICA includes dances representing the youthful, energetic and diverse culture of the USA. The dancers specialize in clogging which is an American dance form born in the Appalachian Mountain area and influenced by steps of European settlers from England and Holland, the Native American Indians and the African slaves. The various clogging dances are performed with special taps on their shoes allowing for the intricate sounds of the steps to be heard. The clogging dances include traditional precision and hoedown as well as line, novelty and character numbers.

In addition to clogging, CLOG AMERICA also performs dances representing various time periods of American history including Pioneer dances, Charleston, Rock & Roll as well as Country Line and Swing, the popular western dance style of the 90’s, in the fast-paced and exciting CLOG AMERICA program. The CLOG AMERICA BAND is comprised of accomplished and professional musicians playing fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass and various percussion instruments. In addition to accompanying the dancers, the band performs toe-tapping specialty numbers such as the popular “Orange Blossom Special” and “Dueling Banjos” as well as popular vocal numbers.

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USA - Hawaii - Na Ohana Ahuna


The “Na Ohana o Hawaii” (Family of Hawaii) is group of musically talented families from Hawaii. Na Ohana will be sharing beautiful and graceful hulas of Hawaii and the melodic songs of Hawaii.
“Hula” is a story of life in Hawaii. The hula tells stories of the beautiful oceans with fragrance of the Ocean spray and “Lipoa”, the warm waterfalls on the green lush mountains and romantic sunsets of Hawaii. Ancient hulas tells stories of the life of ancient Hawaiians. The Na Ohana will also showcase a medley of hulas featuring Hawaiian dance implements of the “puili” (split bamboo); “uliuli” (feather gourd) and “ipu” (gourd). The Hawaiian instrument, the ukulele, will be played with the guitar, base and Hawaiian drums to accompany the dances. The dancers will wear traditonal colorful hula skirts with flower leis, and colorful and floral Hawaiian shirts and Mumu’u dresses to show the traditional clothing of Hawaii.

One of the highlights of the show will be the Hawaiian fireknife dance which is called the Nifo Oti, (death knives). Anciently, Polynesians would spin their swords of war to signal victory at the end of a battle. The knife consists of a blade about fourteen inches long with a hook attached to a handle about 22 inches long. Fire has been added to this blade which requires more bravery and skill. This flaming sword is twirled around the warriors body, legs, feet, back with high tosses in the air to the beat of fast rhythmic Polynesian drums beats. It is one of the most spectacular dance of Hawaii. Ikaika, an 18 year Hawaiian young man, will perform this dance at the festival. He is a two time fireknife dance champion of the island of Kauai.









Leone Rampante - Cori (Lt) - Italy

P8110099The group of flag-throwers " Leone Rampante " from Cori (Lt)- Italy, founded in 1970, is successfully for over 40 years in all over the world the ancient art of handling the flag already revived in Cori in the Historic Carousel of Rioni in 1937.
The group has a crucial role within the area, offering to numerous young people who have come and gone over time, a series of unique opportunities and of considerable importance in several respects, especially cultural and social ones.
These activities also allow a "transmission" among the generations of all those ancient traditions of our culture, especially related to the practice of flag-throwing of which Cori is a teacher.
The " Leone Rampante " school, which uses the traditional wooden rod, not leaded, a tradition of the city of Cori, has managed over time to be known in important national and international events and major Folklore Festivals in the world. The Group also sets itself the goal to forge young people attentive to the social and civic issues of their own country, the group discipline and the sense of duty.
Participations in events at international level, in addition, compare our boys "identity" with the different socio-cultural realities on the planet, stimulating in them a personal growth through direct experiences and inculcating, in those who live these experiences, values, such as respect for others, diversity as an asset, not discriminating, tolerance and cooperation; all aspects which fortify the boys’ cultural baggage and make them become better citizens.
The experience, gained from the constant attendances to socio-cultural events, such as the national and international folkloric festivals, represents the absolute guarantee of the professionalism and seriousness by which the group performs each task.
By virtue of its magnificent costumes of the Renaissance, the sounds and the admirable and imaginative games that the flag-throwers know how to create, the Group recreates, as if by magic, a popular atmosphere of the distant and unknown times.
The palmares of the Leone Rampante flag-throwers is packed with prizes, awards, achievements in all continents, all obtained with high-level performances, through an established complicity between the rich melodies of the band, of the trumpets and the drums, and the flag-throwers selected.
There are numerous events and manifestations in which the Group has participated both in Italy and in other parts of the world, representing not only the city of Cori but also the area of the Province of Latina, Lazio Region and Italy itself, showing a considerable cultural wealth of our country through fascinating and exciting performances full of stimulating choreographies and color effects to which no one can remain indifferent.
In 2011 The group has partecipated at the International Festival de Confolens in France, In 2012 the Leone Rampante group was the protagonist of the " 2012 C.I.O.F.F.® World Folkloriada ", the Folklore Olympics, which was held in South Korea in the city of Anseong .
In 2013, the Group participated in the 2013 Festival Baltika in Estonia ,in the 2014 in the International Folkloric Festival of Billingham-England, in 2015 to the International Folklore Festival Veliko Tarnovo – Bulgaria and in 2016 to the C.I.O.F.F.® Folkloriada Mundial – Zacatecas – Mexico.


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 The Lan Yang Dancers - Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

The Peacock LYD 1Founded in 1966 by Fr. Gian Carlo Michelini, with his commitment to the arts and his passion for traditional Chinese arts and culture, the Lan Yang Dancers is the first children’s dance troupe, established in Yilan County without the affiliation with a particular elementary or high school. The exquisite dancing and sweet smiles of the Lan Yang Dancers’s members win the hearts of audiences throughout Taiwan since its establishment. With the outstanding dance skills of the dancers, the Lan Yang Dancers has won international exposure for the beauty of Taiwanese dance. As one of the dance troupes that the Taiwanese government regards as one of the best to represent Taiwan, the Lan Yang Dancers has been invited to perform throughout the world, on numerous occasions, taking part in international arts festivals and celebrations in Europe, Asia, the U.S., and Africa. Moreover, it is the first performing arts troupe, which made performance in front of the Pope. The Lan Yang Dancers was received by Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI and made performance in front of these Popes.  


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Schlitzerländer Trachten- und Volkstanzkreis - Germany


The aim of the Schlitzerländer Trachten- and Volkstanzkreis (shortly: TVK) is to preserve the tradition of our native country. The main foci of our work are on folk dance, the preservation of our dialect, singing folk songs and last but not least the preservation of the national regional costumes.

The Schlitzerländer TVK has around 140 active members that make up a minis group, one children’s group, two youth groups, an adult group and a senior group. Furthermore the members can sing in a choir. Our musicians provide rhythm and music, and support us with several accordions and guitars, as well as a “Teufelsgeige” (’devil's fiddle’) and a double bass.

We dance original Schlitzerländer fair dances, as well as dances from all over Germany, such as Quadrille dances, round dances and line dances. We can perform more than 40 different dances, including a large variety of steps and formations that can be combined to programs of different length.

Our first international meeting already took place in 1957. Since then we visited countless festivals across Europe and on other continents. Foreign travel to Israel, Egypt, the USA, Russia, Puerto Rico, China, Taiwan or Tahiti in the year 2012 have been highlights of our club life.

Der Schlitzerländer TVK ist Mitglied der internationalen CIOFF.

Weitere Informationen über Schlitzerländer Trachten- und Volkstanzkreis


“MARTISORUL” - Romania



The folk dances from Transylvania are structured in three parts: “purtata”, “invartita” and “hategana”. Considering this structure, we perform different types of dances: Dance from Palatca, Dance from Urca, Dance from Codru, Dance from Bihor, Dance from the Valley of Aries, Sheperd Dance   (“Mocanesc”).

Our repertoire includes a variety of dances with a duration of four to seven minutes.

“Martisorul” presents dances for girls: “Crihalma”, “Muiereasca”, “Margau” in which the girls exhibit their talent and “tease the boys” with their performance.

The boys present their talent and creativity through a suite of dances from the Transylvanian plain: Corus, Tarnave, Chimitelnic.

Our group also performs a very fast and spectacular dance from the region of Oas, (“tropotita”) where boys and girls perform following the rhtytm given by a drum.

The style of dance from the region of Banat is also part of our repertoire. This dance’ specificity comes from the fact that the boys do not tap their legs with the hands like in other dances, but perform many pirouettes with one or even two girls at a time.

We also present a fast dance (“tropotita”) from the region of Moldavia which is alternating the slow and the fast rhythms.

Considering the variety of dances and songs we present, our performance may take from ten minutes to ninety minutes. During the 54 years of activity, these performances were presented on the stages of well-known international festivals from: Italy, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Norway, Spain ,Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, France, Malaysia, Mexico, U.S.A.China etc



The orchestra of the folk-group “Martisorul” has the following instruments: violin, viola, contrabass, clarinet, saxophone and accordion. Our repertoire is well-developed and representative for all the regions of Romania, from Maramures to Oltenia, Banat, Moldova and the Transylvanian plain region.

The orchestra suite from Maramures, the Nothern region of Romania, has three parts: the first part is slow and melodious, the second part is faster and the last part is very rapid (“Tropotita”). “Hora” and “Sarba” of Dobrica , inspired from the Second Rhapsody by George Enescu, is very melodious and rhythmical.

Our instrumental players perform very beautiful songs from all regions of Romania: the violin performing the charming and famous “Ciocarlia”; the clarinet interpreting suite of songs from the region of Banat (“ Brau” and “ De doi”); the saxophone performing suite of songs from Hunedoara.

Martisorul is member of CIOFF.

More information's about  "Martisorul”:


 Zespół Pieśni i Tańca „Świerczkowiacy”- POLand


DSC 0323

Folk Song and Dance Group Świerczkowiacy, based in Tarnow in Centrum Sztuki Mościce, is a unique cultural phenomenon, active since 1963. Members and founders of the group remained faithful to tradition, culture and customs, and careful to maintain a professional artistic expression. Exhibiting folklore in music, dance and costumes, the group is built on artistic stylization, at the same time attending to ethnographic nuance and character.

Over the years, numerous pre-eminent folklore experts, ethnographers, musicians and choreographers could be found among its collaborators. Its alumni consists of over five hundred people. The band is accompanied by a ten-piece orchestra. Junior groups consist of fifty Mali Świerczkowiacy.

The group has a rich repertoire of dozens of dance and musical suites from more than ten regions of Poland. In its stage career, the band has represented Poland in numerous international festivals, it has won over thirty awards and distinctions. The most recent of these are: the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Bogdan Zdrojewski award won at the groups fourty-fifth jubilee, and a first place in National Festival in Pulawy during the IXth Michał Kosiński Folk Band Contest. Świerczkowiacy are the only group officially representing the region of Tarnów and the only one active in the structures of cultural institutions under Malopolska Province, they also belong to the CIOFF. With their top quality performance skill they have established themselves as a brand recognized and appreciated both in Poland and abroad.  








More informations:

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bafolse institucional 001Since its creation, the Ballet Folklórico Latinoamericano Santiago del Estero has played an important role showcasing popular forms of dances from Argentina and Latin America. The Ballet has also been a cultural ambassador of the province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina, where it was founded, as well as an ambassador of the whole country after receiving honors such as: the Declaration of Cultural and Legislative Interest from the Culture Secretary by the National Government and the House of Representatives (deputies).
The Ballet has received awards and prizes such as San Gabriel, Sol Santiagueño, Young People of the Year, and Honor of Merit from the Department of Culture. It has also participated in international festivals in the United States, Canada, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Turkey and Bulgaria. The Ballet has toured both at home as well as abroad.
it has performed across the country and has taken part in cultural TV programs throughout its artistic life, and today remains dedicated to the revitalization of Latin American cultural heritage through dance and music.


In May 1987, the Superior Government of the Province of Santiago del Estero (Argentina) put out a call to graduates of the Estudio Superior de Danzas Folklóricas Argentinas y Latinoamericanas “Nilda y Eduardo Ballerini” to represent the province in the “Feria de la República”, that took place in the Feria Rural of Palermo, in the city of Buenos Aires. This event confirmed the starting point of the artistic troupe that represented the philosophy of the institution: The Ballet Folklorico Latinoamericano “Santiago del Estero” (BA.FO.L.SE.). This troupe was and still is a reflexion of the institutional fundamentals that support the principle its participants learn: discipline, artistic production and community extension.
From 1990 to 1999, the dance studio used the infrastructure of the local Theatre “25 de Mayo” under an agreement with the theatre. During that period, the BA.FO.L.SE was supported by the academic framework and worked as the permanent ballet troupe of the Theatre, developing an important task of cultural diffusion all around the province and the northern-western region of the country.
The BA.FO.L.SE has performed on very important stages, at both national and international festivals throughout its’ 26 years of existence, and remains deeply committed to dancing.
More than one hundred dancers have developed important artistic projects of cultural diffusion and community collaboration with schools, hospitals, community dinners, libraries and NGOs.
In 1997, ten years after its creation, it was awarded the Declaration of “Interés Legislativo y Cultural” by the Culture Secretary of the National Government and the House of Representatives (deputies), because of its role in the diffusion of the traditional choreographic heritage of traditional people of America. It also received the award in 2007 from the House of Representatives of Santiago del Estero (deputies).

Since 2004, when it began to function as a Non-Profit Association, until March 2005, when it received the legal capacity, with the name BA.FO.L.SE, which still continues using today.

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  Hungary - Folkloregroup BOGYISZLÓ


16402585 1283026531778085 8485682149926628643 oBogyiszló is placed in the south of Hungary. It is a small village on the Danube with 2200 inhabitants. In this village the traditions still live today. In order to preserve these traditions, the group was founded in 1976. In the group, several generations dance together, from the small to the pensioner.

In the dances, the traditions of thisvillage, Wedding, baptism, carnival or the vintage. The members are proud of their songs, dances and the splendid costume.
For the village are dances like "Tschardasch", "fresh Tschardasch" and "Cinege" characteristic.


Sri Lanka - RANRANGA Dance Academy


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The RANRANGA Dance Academy is a well-recognized aesthetic institute in The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka since 1994, developing student's expertise in traditional and folk dancing. We have been sending our artists to many festivals and functions held both home and overseas. Up to now we have represented Sri Lanka for more than 45 international events which are recognized by international folk and cultural organizations. The International Dance Council ( CID - UNESCO), an official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in the entire world has awarded their prestigious membership to us considering our contribution to the preservation of national culture and folk dance.

The elegance and grace of our performance have gained appreciation and approbation from many promoters. Performance of Sri Lanka dance forms in international arenas will be very rewarding and participants also received tremendous exposure while participating. Further this will enhance to promote understanding and good will among various ethnics of the world and also to celebrate mankind brotherhood through cultures.

As such we earnestly hope and expect of exhibit the fine talents and aesthetic grace of our performance to everyone who would appreciate them. We have no doubt that our talented artists will perform memorable show and astonish you with their performance.


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Belarus -  „Burschtyn“

дк11From Belarus comes "Burschtyn" - in German "Bernstein" - to the festival in Schlitz. The 30 artists between the ages of 19 and 54 come from Kobryn, one of the oldest cities in Belarus. The group has besides Belarussian folk songs also pieces from the Kobryn wedding ceremony and other local wedding parts in their repertoire. With her popular, energetic dances, Burschtyn was already enthusiastic at international festivals in Croatia, France, Poland, Russia. The formation was founded in 2005 and has since been directed by Tatyana Tatolina.


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